Felted Warrior Birdies

Some images from a new series of card-size images mounted on card stock.

The title — “Warrior Birdies” — combines a sense of mirth and grit — helpful qualities during this pandemic, a surreal chapter of life. Spending time evoking these gentle images has been a comfort to me, and I hope seeing them brings you comfort, too.

These have been a joy to craft. The birds sort of appear from pre-felts I’ve fabricated, cut and layered, and I add the details — and then they sort of come to life, each one with a different personality. I hope you enjoy the images. Some from this series will be for sale in a few weeks. I’ll post images at that time of the ones that are available. If you’d like info, please let me know via email: aspangborn@gmail.com. Thank you!

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