A Winter Sunset Inspiration for a Felted Scarf

On a recent walk with our dog around sunset, the sky was unremarkable and muted; but then, slivers of gold appeared in the west, and minute-by-minute these bright tones intensified til the whole sky was glowing molten amber, with streaks of pale turquoise and coral.  It was a spectacular fiery sunset that contrasted the cold evening air, and I noted the colors so I could evoke the experience in my studio.


I carded batts (on my Louet drum carder) of merino, alpaca, cashmere, silk, organic Polwarth, dyed silk noils, bamboo; and added some remnant sari silk threads and more and more silk into the layers.  In carding the fibers, I placed them carefully to create a color gradient from warm coral and gold tones to soft blue, with touches of white and turquoise.  In laying out the fibers, I preserved the color gradient.


The resulting scarf is very light (2 1/4 ounces) and 64″ x 6″ inches.  It’s almost a cobweb scarf — delicate but with lots of texture, from the deliberate layering of different tones and textures.  There’s a lot of satisfaction in connecting deeply with the source of inspiration, and I hope this scarf sparks some of the awe of walking in the atmosphere of a magnificent winter sunset.



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Yak, Silk, Merino Scarf

I wanted to create a scarf that would be soft and warm, and contrast natural tones with warm reds and gold tones, so I started by gathering a medley of fibers…


I layered the fibers and fabrics to provide a lot of texture and interest… img_3342


And worked this into “pre-felt” — yardage that is partially felted so it can be worked with and cut up as needed; and that is intended to be used for surface embellishment — but is not completely felted or “fulled” into finished form.  This partial felting keeps the fibers open enough to allow them to easily embed into the intended project.

img_3348The layout, dry, before wetting/felting/fulling.  You can see the three fluffy layers (yak, merino) as well as the shiny silk fabric strips and the strips I’ve cut from the pre-felt yardage.  I’ve added some fiber “dots.”  Fabricating the dots is so meditative…

img_3351The finished scarf, and a detail:

img_3352I’m pleased with how very soft this scarf is.  The yak fiber is short, which means that layout takes longer because I’m working with small tufts of fiber instead of longer-length fiber tufts; but this extra time is worth it, because the yak creates such a soft and finely-textured “hand” and luxurious drape — a lot of warmth with very little weight.   The scarf is 6″ x 60″ and weighs just two and three-eighths ounces!

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