Fiber Batt Inspiration


Sari silk remnant fabrics, re-purposed, are the inspiration for a batt that I carded and divided into a mini-batt set.  I’ll spin some art yarn from the batts and silk fabrics (snipped and ripped into thin ribbons) and then felt some small mats, using the yarns and some other fibers for embellishment.   I added lots of hand-dyed silk fibers — in shades of bright topaz, raspberry, lavender, green, gold, pink — throughout the layers of mostly Falkland fiber, adding some dyed Cormo fleece for texture.   I look forward to seeing how the silk fibers influence the surface design, because I added so much silk to the layers of Falkland as I carded the fiber — placing all fiber directly onto the large drum of my Louet.  These pics are just the batts and sari silk ribbons; I’ll post photos of the finished work some time in the days ahead!



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