Facebook Page: Wooly Bliss Ox Cart Shop


I’m happy to share that I just launched my first online shop, “Wooly Bliss Ox Cart Shop” on Facebook.  Right now, I have 20 Art Yarn cards for sale there; in the coming weeks I hope to add some felted pins, scarves, fiber batts for spinning yarn… and more, offering free shipping until (at least) Valentine’s Day.

I invite you to visit my little virtual shop and I hope you’ll be delighted with what you see.  Everything offered there is the work of my heart, carefully crafted from beautiful materials.   I sell my fiber art at several gallery shops in central Pennsylvania;  by offering some work for sale via the Wooly Bliss Ox Cart Shop, I’ll be able to share my work with more folks.  In addition to the larger pieces I sell, it’s always been a priority to me to offer small and very affordable items for sale, because of the importance of making it possible for people to be able to enjoy having and giving hand-made work.

Working with fiber is a blissful experience, and I always hope that the peacefulness and pleasure I experience as I work is expressed through each piece, and bring delight to others as they slow down and get lost in the colors and textures of the work.  I am so grateful to those whose labors make it possible for me to obtain such fine quality fiber; and grateful to have benefitted from so much support for working as an artist over the years.


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Back in the Saddle Again…

IMG_1599Tomorrow marks six months since I fell, running up our backyard stone steps while glancing sideways to see what was rustling in the ferns, and got three fractures in my upper right arm.    After a few months, as my arm healed, I was able to resume spinning art yarns, with a renewed and celebratory appreciation for the joy of working with beautiful fiber as well as gratitude for the ready-to-spin fiber in my stash.  Today, I look forward to getting back to felt making, as I marvel at the miracle of healing, count my blessings, and dive into the stash.

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New in 2018: Wooly Bliss Ox Cart Shop on Facebook

I’ve begun a Facebook page, “Wooly Bliss Ox Cart Shop,” and I invite you to visit and “like” the page, so you’ll receive info about my work that will be for sale online.  On the page I’ll be posting art yarn notecards and other original fiber art featuring my hand-spun yarns and felted work, and I’ll share inspiration and insights.   As always, if you have any questions about what you see or wish to know more about my process/materials, I’m happy to share tips and techniques.  Thank you for your support and feedback!




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Working With Art Yarn




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Art Yarn


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Colors of the Heart (rolags for spinning art yarn)


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