Perfectly Imperfect: Felt Making

img_0961 I process ideas and feelings by making art (and sometimes by making pots of soup and sharing them).  In this felted card series, titled “Perfectly Imperfect,” I was thinking about all of the things in life that are NOT perfect, and wondering how to find peace — and even delight — in how things are, in the moment.


Even when we want to change ourselves or change the way things are, even when we are preparing for action, taking time to find peace and focus on a vision for a positive outcome will guide us and help us avoid limiting beliefs and hurtful behaviors, so we do no harm.

Connecting with my background in expressive arts therapy and holistic life coaching, I hope that my art will nurture others’ sense of what’s possible, in ways that increase well-being.  Right now, many people are feeling dismayed, agitated and fearful; others are hopeful and empowered.  It’s as if there are multiple, competing realities and we wish our leaders could figure out how to work together for the common good.

We also need to look within for leadership in our own lives, homes, communities, work places: what form will our individual leadership take?  What responsibility will we each take?  What will our work look like?

My expression of this work is through my art: Perfectly Imperfect, reminding people of the time it takes stitch by stitch to create anything, encouraging wholeness and delight from a combination of different elements.   My felted cards are little ambassadors of hope and gratitude: I imagine messages of peace and encouragement written on them, and see them sent out, mailed, delivered.

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