Eco-Dyeing and Printing

Happy to be taking Nicola Brown’s online course in Eco-Dyeing, and looking forward to setting up a little outdoor dye kitchen again!  Here are some images from my prior efforts to learn this magical process…



My little outdoor dye kitchen from last time.  This time I won’t be using the crockpots, but instead will be using some vintage aluminum pots, the old aluminum turkey roaster seen in this image, and one fabulously large 80 quart aluminum stock pot on my two-burner electric stovetop.  And I’ll use a lower and very sturdy table, to make it easier to access the largest pot.

The brass and copper vessels, along with the old tin cookie cutters (seen on the left of the table)  can be used to influence the hues obtained from botanical elements.  I’ve been gathering leaves, onion skins, acorns, elderberries, chestnuts over the past weeks.  Next, I’ll fabricate some felt shawls from un-dyed white merino wool and silk fibers to add to the stash of various silk scarves and silk yardage in my stash; and soak some old tin cans and iron nails to create “iron water.”    I would love to learn this process well enough to confidently share it with others, because the experience of gathering botanical elements and working outdoors, of bundling the yardage and the elements together and steaming/processing them, then letting things cool and set — and then the dramatic reveal of  unbundling — it’s all so grounding and satisfying.  And when it’s done you have something unique, wondrous and perhaps even purposeful, and you’ve learned some things to apply to the next exploration!

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