Creative Allowances


Some days in the studio, I have a vision that is so clear and motivating, I just need to get to the other side of accomplishing it.  There’s no ambivalence, or wondering if I will be able to figure it out, there’s just DRIVE.

IMG_1123What are the qualities of those inspired days, that invite exploration and growth?

IMG_1100The qualities include all sort of “allowances”… Such as allowing myself good resources: investing in fine quality fiber to stock my studio; allowing myself time: making conscious choices to carve out studio hours; allowing a sense of creative expansiveness, without ambivalence about what might be experienced through focused hard work, persistence and patience.

IMG_4468I see these same qualities in others who are creating lives aligned with how they wish to live each day: they invest in their dreams, literally by being financially responsible and careful managers of material resources;  they are thoughtful about time and energy management, and keep their promises in ways that exceed others’ expectations; they believe in themselves, trusting that if they work hard enough and smart enough, they can achieve good results — and in this, they avoid setting limits on or derailing their own accomplishments.


IMG_2560When I work with others, these are the qualities I seek to nurture, inviting and motivating clients and students to allow themselves the investment of resources, time, vision and effort, believing that their sweet dreams — for creative expression as well as for creating a good life —  are within reach.

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