A Question & An Invitation

IMG_0039What are you willing to do differently, to achieve a different outcome?

That’s a useful question I ask when contemplating change: in the studio, when I want to take a creative leap as an artist; as an expressive arts therapist and teacher, when I’m encouraging a student to try something that seems a bit beyond her comfort zone; and as a holistic life coach, when I’m supporting a client’s progress in the direction of longed-for change.  Now… I am doing something differently: If you would like to learn more about my holistic life coaching approach by scheduling a free, fifteen minute “mini coaching phone session” please email me at:  aspangborn@gmail.com.    I welcome YOUR questions!

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Creating Your Life: An Invitation

IMG_0039    With every thought and every action, you’re creating your life.  Why not create something wonderful!

As a holistic life coach, I help people gain awareness and a sense of increased options: I listen, reflect, ask questions and provide support and tools, welcoming exploration of any concerns and possibilities.   We work together so that clients become more ready and able to advance toward their goals with clarity and confidence.  I help clients hear and trust their own wisdom and discernment about what will motivate them to make desired changes, and we figure out how they are going to sustain this momentum, with both accountability and gentleness in the process.   Compassion, confidentiality — and a creative approach — form the foundation of my practice.

In contemplating change, in my own life and in helping others, I sometimes ask: “What are you willing to do differently, in order to attain a different outcome?”  It’s a good first step, and I love helping people make progress in answering the question.

I invite you to learn more in a free, fifteen minute coaching session on the phone.  Please schedule by emailing me at: aspangborn@gmail.com.   I welcome your questions!

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Felted Dots Workshop

I love to work with dots.  There’s something sweet and strong about little, precise circles on fuzzy fiber: they remind me of seeds, bursting with vitality.  Bookmarks, baby hats, amulet pouches, business card cases and table mats are just a few of the items I’ve embellished with dots.  The process is easy, meditative, creative, functional: even if you’ve never felted before, you can learn the basics in one day well enough to continue to explore on your own.   I am currently scheduling workshops “by arrangement” for individuals and small groups.  If you’d enjoy learning this technique in a one-day workshop in State College, PA, please send me a message or email (aspangborn@gmail.com) for details!IMG_5226IMG_1945IMG_3454IMG_3056IMG_3055

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