Intro to Felting: Chakra Colors & Themes

In some Indian cultures, the Chakras are believed to be wheels of subtle energy in the body: on many levels, a vibrant and evocative way to consider the interconnections of our physical bodies, our minds, emotions and spiritual essence. In this system, there are seven major Chakras, and each one is associated with different colors and meanings which provide inspiration for personal and creative exploration.  In this felting course, offered as a series of related workshops in a small-group format, we’ll explore each of the Chakras and work with the colors and themes to learn some basic felting techniques to create small pieces of felted yardage that can be functional and/or decorative (card images, coasters, table mats, wall hangings…).   This is the same flat, wet felting process used to create scarves, shawls and rugs; so by learning this process, students will gain all of the skills of felt making they need to explore larger projects on their own.   If you’re interested in being in the loop and learning more about the details, please let me know by commenting or sending me a private message or an email:  I will be scheduling workshops at the convenience of interested students — so your feedback is very welcome!IMG_3501

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