Nuno Felted Scarf: Different Lighting

Wool and Silk fiber on hand-dyed silk fabric… nine inches by almost six feet… weighing a bit more than one gossamer ounce of glimmer and glow.

In incandescent and natural light:


Same scarf, using the camera flash:


This reminds me that in life and in art, the light we offer changes what we see; and that these different views may not be qualitatively different, but still the difference exists; and the truth is often someplace in the middle.  In the scarf pictured above, the true color is in fact somewhere in the middle: not so opalescent and pale, not so vividly blue… but very nuanced.  I am very pleased with the result.   The scarf represents a lot of physical work, painstaking placement of wisps of fiber and hours and hours in the studio; but the end result is kind of magical and I know that my customer is going to look so beautiful wearing it!

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