Emerald Nuno Felted Scarf


Interpreting a client’s ideas and translating this description into a work of fiber art, especially as a totally new and original design, is a time-consuming and welcome challenge. I always learn a lot in the process, because instead of mining my own imagination, I’m viewing my work also through another person’s eyes.


For this nuno felted scarf, the challenge was to create a very emerald green piece, very light-weight, with touches of brown, black, navy and gray. The client loves gardening, and along with the color emerald green, this was the inspiration for the design.


The result is a 12″ x 60″ gossamer scarf that weighs one and a half ounces and is completely reversible. One side has a delicate vine motif and lots of silk fiber to enhance the surface design; the other side is plain and highlights the hand-dyed habotai silk colors: chartreuse, spring green, leafy green with warmer tones and cooler tones of green; as well as hints of the emerald green merino fiber which has been worked through from the other side and has created lots of texture in the piece.

The plain side is so different from the side with the vine motif:


I hope my client likes it!

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The Business of Art

Recently, I raised the prices of my Rhapsody Rose Felted Corsage pins…
Since a picture is worth a thousand words, I’ll try to explain why in these photos:

I prepare silk fabrics — many of them hand-dyed; and clean the veggie matter from kid mohair locks:

I select and then card wool top and silk and other fibers from which to spin yarn for the roses and tendrils:

I spin the yarns:

And craft mostly-green prefelts with lots of variety in the tones and textures, for the base and leaves:

After layering and felting, about 12 pins at a time, I cut out and finish each individual flower separately:

They get embroidered, beaded with a variety of vintage, gemstone, Swarovski crystal, pearl and other fine beads. I stitch on a pin back, and place each pin in a gift box with info about the process and materials under the lid and my business card on the top of the box.




It’s a delightful process. And… it’s a lot of work!

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