Thematic, Drum-Carded Batts…


I have a nice assortment of my own drum-carded batts waiting to be felted/spun. Really, it would be obsessive to create more of them… and yet, I really love carding batts.


The sweet improvisational energy of putting together so many colors, curls, threads, different sorts of fiber and watching them interact, imagining how they might spin or felt, is a creative challenge that is pure pleasure.


The idea of carding batts for sale that would perhaps just wait, and wait for a home and a purpose — this seems sad, and in a way, a waste of exquisite fiber and also of space in my studio. But my own slow pace of felting and spinning does not keep pace with my love of using my drum carder to craft batts… I’d love to find a reason for making more of these wonderfully-nuanced batts that are layered with interest and surprises. The world of folks who appreciate and use carded batts is small. Sometimes I think that the folks who appreciate them the most are those who already card batts; we know what goes into a batt that is beautiful, versatile and functional.

So I’m putting an idea out to readers, all three and a half of you: if you’d be interested in purchasing a commissioned, just-for-you drum-carded batt (or rolag set) on a particular theme — any theme at all — two to four ounces of fine fiber, please comment on this post, or message me on my Wooly Bliss facebook page, or send me an email (post comment to request email address, please) and we can start the conversation about a batt for you.

Here’s my brainstorm about thematic batts: a season, a longing, a place, a plant, a flower, a creature, a jewel, a dream,
a healing, a river, moss, stones, trees, wilderness, peace, courage, prayer, hope, baby love, rainstorm, garden, moonlight, firelight, sunlight, opalescence, transcendence, milk and honey, berries and cream, burnished, gilded, smoked, stoked…


There are no limits to the imagination!

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  1. Well, you for certain have more than than 3 1/2 readers, and I expect you will be getting quite a few more comments! I totally understand your love of creating batts, because I love making them too. There is definitely something about seeing different fibers come together to create something new–a unique color combo and/or a completely new texture. Had I not my own drum carder and huge stash of fibers, I would indeed request batts from you to be called ‘summer breeze’; ‘autumn quest’; ‘winter solstice’ and ‘spring fever’. Alas, I have created my own versions of these. Maybe when the requests come in, you will post pics of the creations. 🙂

    • Thank you so much for your kind comment, and for the idea of posting pics of requested batts. I really like the titles of your batts — inspired and inspiring, too. This evening, on a walk at sunset with the dog, through mist and a raw chill in the air and the calm, quiet atmosphere, I was looking at how the mist had collected on the tips of every branch, creating individual round drips that were hanging like tiny holiday lights and glistening. It was so beautiful, despite – or maybe because of — the greyness of the evening, all of this sparkling everywhere I looked. I wanted to point out this beauty to someone, but there was nobody else out walking. One of the sweetest pleasures of crafting, of making art, is pointing out beauty to others in a quiet way, just witnessing. On my walk, I thought about the blessing of slowness, and of just noticing things; these are two gifts of fiber arts. Your reply is deeply affirming — thank you again!

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