Cashmere, Silk Felted Floral Scarf


An abundance of natural-toned cashmere and lots of pure silk fiber make this scarf exquisitely soft and light-weight: 60 inches by about 6 inches, it weighs just two and a half ounces. In addition to cashmere and silk, the body of the scarf contains merino and Organic Polwarth; and I used silk fabrics, and hand-spun merino, silk, CVM and tunis fibers, and silk fabrics and a variety of curly wool locks to create the floral motif. Here’s a pic of the fibers arranged before I started layout:


And another pic of the scarf, as well as a detail of one of the flowers that shows the fuzzy texture:



I thoroughly enjoyed the slow, sculptural process of crafting this scarf: from making two different drum-carded batts — one of natural-toned luxury fibers for the base of the scarf, and a small purple batt from which I spun just-enough yarn to form the flowers; to cutting out silk fabrics to form the leaves and petals, and teasing apart different types and colors of curly wool locks for the flower “stamens;” then layering and working all of the elements. I was aiming to maintain a lot of texture at the center of each flower, for a realistic look, which required some time in between each rolling period to gently lift some of the curls to keep them from felting down. The detail of the last pic shows this sweet, lively texture. I love how curly wool locks evoke the energy of the beautiful creatures from which they’re shorn…!

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