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New Work: Scarves that feature Yak, Alpaca, Curly Wool Locks, Silk; and Hand-Spun Art Yarns

Some items that will be at The Gallery Shop in Lemont, PA, soon… I craft what I would wish to wear: lovingly hand-made, one-of-a-kind pieces, from luxurious fibers that are versatile, interesting and evocative, and next-to-skin soft. There’s no substitute for time or high-quality materials. I’ve been enjoying using yak fiber, that is soft as silk and ripples when felted to create beautiful surface texture; and some very fine-quality locally-raised alpaca fleece that I card before using to open the soft, gently-crimped fibers:

“Wearable Skein” of hand-spun art yarn, buttery soft merino and silk fiber, and curly wool locks; cinched with embellished felted cuffs. A bright accent:


Art yarn cowl, of merino and lots of silk, crocheted in a very open style, to highlight my hand-spun yarns:


“Spring Garden” felted scarf, one of a “watercolor” series of scarves fabricated from my drum-carded blends of luxury fibers. This one includes merino, lots of silk, lots and lots of different kinds of soft, curly wool locks. Soft and light-weight: it’s 8″ x 72 inches, and weighs just a bit over two and a half ounces, and glows with spring colors on a sunny yellow background with a bottom layer of soft pink merino fiber:


“Azurite/Malachite” felted scarf, another from the “watercolor” series; the surface is veined like gemstones and is deeply textured from the combination of merino/yak/silk/cashmere/camel/tunis/CVM/carbonized bamboo fibers and a few curly wool locks. Incredibly soft and drape-y, 8″ x 72″, it weighs three and a half ounces.


Here is a detail of the “Azurite/Malachite” scarf showing the textured detail, shiny silk, and veining:


A good scarf for spring, wonderfully soft, “Yak and Pink” is made of yak/organic Polwarth/silk/fine alpaca/CVM with a few soft kid mohair curls in the surface design. It’s a bit over 5″ x 72 inches and weighs just two ounces. The combination of yak, merino and a lot of silk yields a softly rippled texture and next-to-skin softness:


“Yak and Pink” detail:


More yak… felted scarf “Yak: Pink, Silky, Curly” is made from yak, organic Polwarth, silk fibers and hand-dyed silk fabrics, soft alpaca, CVM and some Blue-faced Leicester curly locks. The mid-layer is pure tussah silk, yielding a buttery-soft hand. Just over five inches x 70 inches, the scarf weighs a bit over two ounces:


Detail of “Yak: Pink, Silky, Curly” showing those locks and the subtle tones of hand-dyed silk in the fringes:


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