Drum-Carded Fiber Batt: Mixing Pink and Orange


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Felt and Yarn

Over the past four years I’ve been learning about spinning yarn. I have wanted to create very decorative yarns that are sturdy enough to be functional and which can be synthesized with felt.

Trying to figure out this synthesis, first I crafted fluffy, bulky yarns and crocheted them, creating warm, soft scarves… and collars…and wearable skeins… And I crafted felt and yarn from the same fibers, pierced holes into the felt and crocheted the yarn right through the felt to create “either/and” scarves… and “either/and” collars…


All along, I’ve wanted the yarn itself, as well as the interplay of fibers between the yarn and the felt, to be highlighted in a very simple way, and I think I have (finally) arrived at a nice fusion. I’m pleased with this synthesis of art yarn and felt, embellished with wool embroidery and some beading:




You can see and touch the yarn, and appreciate all of the colors and textures. Depending on the design, it can be dramatic or subdued. It can be thick and bulky and provide some warmth on a chilly day, or very silky and appropriate to wear for warmer weather. The beading can be elaborate gemstone and pearls, or very minimal.



Now I’m wondering: how can ideas be expressed in this fusion? How can I work thematically? I carded a batt using many different fibers (yak, merino, camel, cashmere, tunis, silk) and selected curly wool locks and prepared some hand-dyed silk fabric strips, focused on pink and green, colors of spring and also of the heart chakra:


Blending the fibers on a wintry day felt like a meditation on spring. The resulting batt is luminous and just waiting to be worked into yarn. Perhaps I’ll craft felt yardage from some of this fiber, or from some similar fiber, to combine with the yarn. Working in this thematic way, meditatively and with the intention of focusing on the heart chakra, on love and compassion, was a new experience in fiber; but it felt familiar. It reminded me of making soup: selecting, preparing, blending wonderful ingredients; adding a bit more of this and that to arrive at something delicious to share with others. It reminded me of arranging a bouquet from my garden, working and feeling delight with what is available right in my own back yard. In this creative journey, I feel like I’ve traveled for a long time and arrived, happily, back home…

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