“Improv” Yarn Spinning

I’ve been blessed to experience the pure pleasure of quite a few (never enough) live jazz performances; and it’s thrilling to hear, see and feel the synergy of music being created, in the moment, as a kind of dialogue. In particular, the intensity and playfulness of improvisational music is so energizing: it makes you feel more alive!

What does this have to do with felting and spinning?

Well, for a start there’s inspiration, common to all who create:



And there’s practice, and seeking feedback from those who have mastered what you hope to learn, and more practice. It’s what puts the “work” into art work. It’s not essential to creative work of any kind, to build on a solid framework of diligent and disciplined practice; but it is essential for mastery and for the confidence and competence that is always evident. Even in very abstract art work, mastery in drawing is somehow visible. A skilled musician can play just a few notes, and you are brought to attention, and perhaps to tears. If mastery of your craft is what you’re after, there may be few who will comprehend your drive and priorities: it is so hard to value that which is invisible except as the glimmer of a dream in one person’s imagination. As an artist gains mastery, with some luck, this dream may be shared — and even felt by others to be a kind of gift of the spirit. It may offer a moment of transcendence. And this can be music, or painting/dance/writing… or even yarn spun with all one’s heart and ability…


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