Testing the “Feltability” of Art Batts

Today I started doing some experiments to see how well my newly-carded art batts will felt.


Using a bit more than one-half ounce of fiber pulled in a shaggy length from the edge of one batt, I quickly placed fibers to lay out a cobweb scarf. I added a few silk fabric strips, sprinkled on a bit more silk fiber and some sparkling angelina, added some extra fiber to each end to create more interest.

I hesitate to include an image of this layout — should it fail, I’d feel awful about misleading anyone!

I kept track of length and width of layout, and amount of fiber used. I’ll also keep track of how long it takes me to felt and full this piece — which will be a short scarf or collar size when completed (after all, it’s an experiment…).IMG_4353

So I’m hoping for an interesting cobweb felted wearable when done, and will post whatever the process yields… if it’s presentable! If it’s not presentable, I hope that my further explorations will help fellow felters interested in using art batts for feltmaking.

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