While the baby sleeps… a post: “What Do Felters Want?”


The answers to this question, “What do felters want?” are — of course — as varied as the many felters out there in the fiber-obsessed dimension of reality.


We want a time warp, to do this very slow and often tedious art form; gorgeous and varied fibers to use; a stream of new information and updated techniques; inspiration…




Those of us who do some kind of art — which is MOST of us, if we include creative home-making, and creative-teaching/music-making/parenting/dancing/gardening — tend a kind of fire. It seems to me that what we call “depression” is really a state of having one’s fire go out. So how do we tend our creative fire?

We gather kindling:


We create some heat:


We get a fire going:

Rhapsody Rose Felted Corsage Pins

"Rhapsody Rose" Lilac Scarf

And tend the fire:

A lot of dots in progressQuick sketch of Cooper's Hawk for felted collar

Those of us who start our day STOKED are among the fortunate ones. It’s our own responsibility to tend our own fire, no one else’s. If you want to bring more of this creative fire into your life, then spend effort, resources and time supporting the arts. Spend time WITH artists and the arts, with creative and motivated folks who help you feel alive and motivated. Become one of those people!

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