New Work: Silk, Fiber, Silk…


In posting about my new work here, I thank Jean Gauger, the prolific fiber artist and teacher, who has so generously shared about her techniques. These two pieces, hot off my studio tables, are examples of “nuno felting,” in which silk (or other) fabric is used as a base on which wool (and other fibers) are applied. In the technique that I used for these two pieces, a thin layer of wool fiber is sandwiched between collaged layers of silk fabrics. Jean kindly answered my questions about how to craft the fringes — that take a lot of time but add so much texture and interest and movement to the finished work. I also thank fiber artist and teacher Suzanne Morgan, whose beautifully hand-dyed silk fabrics are featured, among other fabrics, in these pieces; and Lori Flood, another talented fiber artist who also hand-dyed some of the beautiful silk I used.

Here is a shawl collar (approximately 36″ x 15″) that weighs about two and a half ounces, and which may be fashioned in all sorts of ways — folded and wrapped — using the button pin (that I made from a vintage button). I’m donating this piece to a silent auction at “The Connoisseur’s Dinner” (in State College, PA) in early February to support public broadcasting:


And here is a scarf (67″ x 11″) that also weighs about two and a half ounces, in which I used the same technique. Because of the minimal use of wool fiber, the scarf is very light-weight, and may be folded and wrapped, tied/pinned/draped… and is a versatile wearable:


Here’s a detail of the scarf:

And a detail of the collar:

I’m so grateful to teachers and mentors within the fiber arts community, who are so generous-hearted!

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