The Drama of Fiber Art

Writers are advised to “keep the drama on the page” in order to produce good work. While one’s imagination may indulge in excesses, creative work requires discipline — showing up ready to work — especially if one wishes to enjoy being an artist AND to enjoy well-being!


And so… fiber artists spend many hours diligently working stitch by stitch, roll by roll, twist by twist. We lovingly organize our stashes, as if we’re herding a flock: we’re happy when things are in order, even if this order has many moving parts.


The fiber world is overflowing with passion and drama — expressed by artists via color, texture, form. The mildest looking fiber artist may be a guiltless flirt — fantasizing about green when she’s with purple, longing for red when she’s deeply involved with yellow, abandoning pastels for royal blue. We may be models of fidelity in marriage; always dependable as parents; steadfast and loyal friends. But we are fickle and feckless as we follow our artistic longing and change the focus of our work.

This longing fuels momentum — the opposite of a creative block. The way to gain momentum is — simply — to repeatedly reconnect with your passion and work from that blissful, driven moment; to hold onto that passion long enough to sustain your longing and transform it via creative expression into something real!

This quality of momentum in art work can be seen and felt as pure energy, won’t be denied.

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