Finally, all furniture is in place in the three, newly-configured studio spaces — and now there is a space for fibers and supplies (and any fiber artist will tell you that fiber takes a lot of space!); a space for my own studio work; and a space for teaching so I will not have to remove my work-in-progress in order to make room for students. A lot of effort has been done and more effort needs to be done: it feels luxurious to have made order; I am so grateful for the family and friends who helped. And last night I turned on all of the lights in the upstairs teaching studio, and hauled up my vacuum to do a thorough cleaning up there before bringing up teaching supplies — which really feels like icing the cake, just so delightful — and… all of the power in that room went out! So instead of merrily organizing my teaching space last night, I sorted bags of bits of fiber — the equivalent of boxes of “string too short to be saved” that every fiber artist maintains — all of those fiber scraps and tiny curly locks and silk fabric slivers and wisps pulled off when I change my mind after starting to lay out fiber. Now I have these abundant treasure bags of bits of so many different colors and sorts of fiber, sorted by color, for students to enjoy. I remember eight years ago as a student at Touchstone Center for Crafts, when my daughter and I studied felting with Lori Flood, how much we loved exploring Lori’s bags of fiber bits for just the right color or fiber; and what a sweet feeling of abundance and creativity this gave us. I cannot wait to teach in this newly organized space… but until the electrician gets the power back on, I will wait. Happily, I have a room filled with fiber to keep me company!

The elderly circuit breaker seems kaput. The electrician is booked for a whole week — with this coming weekend being homecoming in our college town, our electrician is very busy. So I will work around this little impediment, and look forward to posting some images of the studio spaces AND new work, too, in the near future.

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