Layout of merino wool, yak, camel and silk with handmade dots to fabricate yardage for making felted cases

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  1. Oooo that looks lovely! How are the dots made? Bethx

    • Those dots are easy and fun to fabricate, thank you!
      I’ll write a post about the process, with pics.
      But for right now, here are simple directions:
      You’ll need some thin, inexpensive wooden skewers, the kind used for making shish kebob that you can find in a grocery store.
      Basically, you are twirling layers of different color fiber onto the skewer and then cutting them. I do not wet or felt the fiber before placing it on my work.
      You can stack the different layers; or overlap them in a row; or twirl them onto your skewer one layer at a time. I usually use five layers, each one a different color of fiber. Experiment with different kinds of fiber: some will create fuzzy dots… Lay out about a three inch square of wool fibers for the first layer, and gently coax the tips of the fibers’ edge onto the skewer, then roll them onto the skewer. For the next 4 layers, lay out slightly larger squares of fiber. Roll each layer onto the previous one, onto your skewer. When done, you’ll have five layers of what looks like a cocoon of fiber rolled onto your skewer — only the last layer you rolled on will be visible. When you slide this cocoon off the skewer, you can use sharp scissors to snip the cocoon into dots — thin or thicker. Some of the dots may not slice neatly, but you should get seven to ten nice dots from each cocoon. You need to use a light touch to wet your fingertips and felt these dots onto your work, and it takes time to make sure they fully embed into your work, but the results are worth the extra effort. Please let me know how this works out for you. Have fun!

      • Thanks for that! Sounds easy looking forward to seeing the finished piece 🙂 Bethx

      • Doh! just scrolled down and they’re they were!

      • Have fun!

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