Little Fern Growing from Larch Bark

I’ve lived in this house for 26 years; every time I’m in the garden something new amazes me.  Sometimes it’s a little toad nestled under a fern, or a new wild flower or type of dragonfly.  This weekend it was this small, perfect and delicate fern growing from a fold in the trunk of the giant larch in the back yard.

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Happy Felters

A beautiful day, Suzanne Morgan’s hand-dyed silk chiffon fabric, and two adventurously-creative students enjoying wearing their almost-dry nuno scarves!   It’s such a pleasure to share the magical craft of feltmaking with others.

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Making Order

Cleaning the studio, for me, always feels therapeutic.

After a project has been completed, cleaning the studio feels like I’m turning to a clean blank page: it’s a moment of calm and happiness, because work is done — for the moment.   Very often as I work, my mind is imagining the NEXT colors or textures or designs.  Cleaning up is a prelude.

Before teaching a workshop, tidying up and reconfiguring the studio feels like I’m setting the table before a dinner party, with lots of anticipation and hopes that everyone will have a wonderful time.  I’m preparing a space in which I hope my students will find support so they can deepen their own creative exploration.  Hopefully they will learn what they wanted to learn — and more.

And after a workshop, as I put away fibers, I feel that my little studio has been a kind of sanctuary.  As I review the workshop day and move from the collaborative energy of the day to quiet reflection, I feel so much gratitude: for the abundant fibers in my studio; for my cozy workspace; for the opportunity to share the craft with others….

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