A Higher Power

On this morning’s walk with Elsa, I walked around a sidewalk that was completely carpeted with tiny flowers dropped by a huge old maple tree: there at my feet, abundance! in the form of intricate, jewel-like, bright coral flowers with hair-thin embellishments and chartreuse green stems.  Each separate fallen coral cluster was a full miniature bouquet, about the size of a cherry.   No artist could have created a better pairing of colors than the contrast of bright, warm coral and intense chartreuse green.  It’s a soft spring morning here in central PA, and the sky is the no-color of fog.  The air is full of what feels like ocean moisture: cool, wet air all around.   For sure, the pink and green carpet of maple tree flowers will be trodden and sodden by evening.  Given any materials, given no time limit, how could I recreate even one of those tiny flower clusters?  This reconnection feels beyond words, and I’m humbled by the freely-given abundance; yet I feel a need to advocate for nature.   Can I remember to note these free gifts with more awareness?

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