Apple Blossom Yarn

When longer studio sessions are not practical or possible, I love to use the minutes here and there to card and spin.  This past summer, on visits to view Viking artifacts in Dublin’s National Museum, I was delighted to see so many ancient spindle whorls: all different sizes!  I imagined those Viking women multi-tasking, as I do, enjoying the peaceful and productive pastime of creating yarns.   Today I’ll continue to work on very spring-y Apple Blossom yarn.  The image shows the start of the yarn, along with some strips of a vintage silk scarf that I am using (along with merino, silk fibers, alpaca and kid mohair) to fabricate the yarn.  I’ll use the silk scarf to make fringes on the scarf, too.

The poem seemed to go well with “Apple Blossom” themed yarn!

Portrait of a Lady by William Carlos Williams

Your thighs are appletrees

whose blossoms touch the sky.

Which sky?  The sky

where Watteau hung a lady’s

slipper.  Your knees

are a southern breeze–or

a gust of snow.  Agh! what

sort of man was Fragonard?

–as if that answered

anything.  Ah, yes–below

the knees, since the tune drops that way, it is

one of those white summer days,

the tall grass of your ankles

flickers upon the shore–

Which shore?–

the sand clings to my lips–

Which shore?

Agh, petals maybe.  How

should I know?

Which shore?  Which shore?

I said petals from an appletree.

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