Radical Homemakers

I enjoyed this paragraph so much and want to share it.  It’s from the introduction to the book “Radical Homemakers,” by Shannon Hayes.  The context: she’s talking about the folks she interviewed to write her book:

“In addition, the happiest among them were successful at setting realistic expectations for themselves.  They did not live in impeccably clean houses on manicured estates.  They saw their homes as living systems and accepted the flux, flow, dirt and chaos that are a natural part of that.  They were masters at redefining pleasure not as something that should be bought in the consumer marketplace, but as something that could be created, no matter how much or how little money they had in their pockets.  And above all, they were fearless.  They did not let themselves be bullied by the conventional ideals regarding money, status, or material possessions.  These families did not see their homes as a refuge from the world.  Rather, each home was the center for social change, the starting point from which a better life would ripple out for everyone. ”

I love her description of a home as “a living system” because it seems to encourage creativity and what I’d call a “deeply lived-in home.”  And now, to vacuum mine…!

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