As today unfolded, I searched to find some sacred dimension that might inspire my studio work.  I found a clue in The Chronicle of Higher Education.  This paragraph is from the article “Reclaiming a Sense of the Sacred,” written by Marilynne Robinson, a professor of creative writing at the University of Iowa.  Her interesting article appeared in The Chronicle Review on February 17, 2012:

“Having read recently that there are more neurons in the human brain than there are stars in the Milky Way, and having read any number of times that the human brain is the most complex object known to exist in the universe, and that the mind is not identical with the brain but is more mysterious still, it seems to me that this astonishing nexus of the self, so uniquely elegant and capable, merits a name that would indicate a difference in kind from the ontological run of things, and for my purposes “soul” would do nicely.”

Reading the Chronicle article affirmed my search and my goal: I want my art to speak to soul: to awaken a longing for the sacred; to make the comfort of convention feel somewhat uncomfortable; to tap a wild reflex in the spirit — just-so —  so that it cannot help but kick.  Like a rainbow reminds us of something we know.  How can I do this?  My work consists of trying to figure this out.

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