Nuno Scarf

  Suzanne Morgan’s hand-dyed silk chiffon is the iridescent base layer of this gossamer “nuno” felted scarf.  I love how Suzanne’s artfully dyed silks swirl with interesting color nuances, and glow with a lively, organic vitality — even before I begin to layer the surface elements to create a nuno scarf.

To create each of the dozens of little torches on this scarf design I’ve layered wisps of fiber from five to eight different merino wool and silk colors.  Light through the layers creates an opalescent shimmer.  Inspiration: anticipation of spring!


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Lu-Lu’s Improv Art Yarn Collar

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Hand-spun Elements, and Yarns!

  The bright yellow wisps in the image of completed yarns are the little bits of yarn I use to tie the skeins before I lightly felt them to get the various fibers to “bloom.”   I’ll use these small skeins to knit collars and to embed into felted scarves and tea cozies.  Some of these fibers (the tan fleecy fiber, and the purple and chartreuse) are some of the beautiful, local alpaca I recently purchased.

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Dots (to be embedded into felt) on Limoges


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