Expressive Arts

Whether you intend it, or not, your work will say something.

What do you want your work to say?  Work done joyfully speaks that joy.  Your work may tell of solitude, slowness, passion, pain…

Maybe your work says that you love the color green today.  Maybe you are in your studio, home or work place, but your spirit is roaming some other place.

This afternoon, my mind is revisiting a highlight of my summer: going to The Aran Islands — those wind-swept wild and rocky islands, and the very deliberate means by which folks exist there, among the mysteries of ancient structures.

Thinking about how those islanders have sustained themselves, how resourceful they have had to be to survive and even to thrive; thinking about how, despite the limited resources of The Aran Islands, they have become a place where folks go for spiritual renewal.  Not to consume, not to be entertained, not to shop, not to be pampered, people go to rediscover their way.  The simplicity of the islands helps them.

Today in the studio I felt like I was on an island: all of the resources at hand are what I need.  The view out the studio windows sustains me.  Making peace with what is within the limitations of what is available I find such abundance.

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