Improv Spinning

There’s an interesting conversation taking place on the Facebook site of fiber artist Lexi Boeger, a.k.a. “Pluckyfluff.”  For fiber lovers and others, it’s worth taking a look, as spinners collaborate to figure out what to call this very free-form spinning that yields “art yarn” — yarns that are works of art.  Some of these yarns are functional in the traditional ways that yarns are used; some are not intended to be functional.This is a new-enough way of considering and crafting yarn that folks are still figuring out how to define it and what to call it and how to refer to those who create it.  It’s exciting to see, in real time, discussions about this green and tendrilly growing edge of fiber arts…  When I spin “art yarn,” I feel akin to a jazz musician playing improvisational music, taking cues from everything around and within and being open to change, wanting my creation to evolve and be alive and in-the-moment and unique every moment.  So I think of it as “improv spinning.”

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