Winter’s Night Lights: card image

With wishes to all for a healthy, peaceful, joyful new year, here’s an image from my recent card series, “Winter’s Night Lights.”

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Kashmiri Rose Felted Scarf

An abundance of merino wool, silk and cashmere fiber in a luxuriously long scarf that drapes more like a mink stole than a scarf.  One side is a deep rose and the other side is a variegated softer rose; shown with two different “Rhapsody Rose” felted corsage pins.  Versatile, feminine, cozy: let it snow.

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A Felting Workshop Day Begins

When I introduce a new student to feltmaking, particularly in a one-to-one workshop rather than in a group situation, I know that the first thing to do is to touch on the student’s original interest in learning how to felt: is the primary incentive an interest in learning how to do a specific piece or process?  Is the primary reason a desire to experience pure creative expression?  Is the student interested in learning a skill that can then be shared with others?  Does the student want a relaxing/energizing/easy/challenging/spiritual/nuts & bolts/sketchy/detailed intro?  Before I show the student the abundance of fiber and felting books in my studio, which I know can be overwhelming, I review the impetus that led the student to my studio.  This initial intention then becomes a touchstone.  We may wander far away from this initial goal, and the goal may evolve, but we have this touchstone to help guide our workshop day.

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Felted Pins

One of the pleasures of being an artist: donating work for silent auction events to benefit local non-profit groups.  It’s a way to give back to my wonderful community that supports the arts.  Here are two little “Rhapsody Rose” pins — with a lot of gemstone and pearl and other embellishments —  that will soon be on their way… one to support PASA (Pennsylvania Agricultural Sustainability Association) and the other to Clearwater Conservancy.

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Reiki Peacock Nuno Felted Scarf in Many Shades of Green…

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