With gratitude for family and friends; for a studio brimming with fiber; for good work to do and for enough to share with others.   It’s been an overwhelming few weeks.  Now I am taking some deep breaths.

Despite so much to do, I need to simplify.  With so many things calling my name and calling for action, I need to re-find silence and stillness to discern a good direction.  It always amazes me how relatively little it takes to knock me off my stride, and I hope this awareness guides me to feel more compassion for others…  I do believe that we choose our attitudes.  When I am feeling overwhelmed, the thorns and burrs of things that are frustrating to me seem to me to be all around.  The more I mindlessly thrash, the more scratched up I feel.  Life is a briar patch.  How can we be at home in this thorny place?  Within a briar patch are tender nests, delicious berries, lovely flowers — as well as openings for safely navigating out and back in.  The briar patch can be a torture, it can be a place of refuge and safety.   Thanksgiving Day is a good day to reclaim humility and refocus so that tomorrow I can return to the studio with a fresh spirit.

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