Fall Day

This is one of those tales that must begin with “everything’s OK, but…”

On a walk with our dog, Elsa, this morning I noticed some litter at the corner of our street near the backyard of an unoccupied fraternity house.  Since today was trash collection day, I knew I’d pass curbside recycling bins along my walk.  So, energetic Elsa on her leash in one hand, I picked up the empty soda can with the other hand and started looking for a recycling bin that had not yet been taken in from curbside.  And as I spied it… well…

When one is walking a dog, one really ought to mind the blocks of uneven sidewalk concrete in one’s path, and be mindful of where one is walking.  And so the tip of my “Uggs”-like knockoff boots caught the raised step of a concrete sidewalk block just enough to send me sprawling.  I hit hard, mostly on my hands and knees, also on my chest.  I almost hit my face on the sidewalk — so close, it still seems amazing that I managed to avoid hitting my face.

I dusted myself off, crossed the street to put the can into the bin, and reckoned with the damage.  My good, down winter coat was scuffed where I had hit the ground, as were my leather gloves and pants.  All had protected me.  My first thought was “No good deed goes unpunished,” and my second thought was “my angels must have cushioned my fall and protected my face.”  What, really, do we understand about how the world works.

I always have lots to do in the studio, and at this moment, this is especially true.  But at this moment both of my hands hurt, especially the left one where some of the parts seem a bit smooshed inside.  Could have been worse.  For a fiber artist, to work with hurting hands (and so many do…) seems to me to be a lot like taking care of small grandchildren.  One needs to use one’s brain and one’s experience to make up for what one’s body may not be able to do!   Onward, with somewhat achy hands filled with gratitude!

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