White Roses

In the studio, yesterday and today, I’ve been working on creating felted pins with a “White Roses” motif —  a symbol of honor and of new beginnings and innocence.   As I worked on this series, the colors I chose gradually evolved from white to more varied, deeper colors, as I followed my inclination in selecting fibers.  My choice to begin with pure white merino and silk fiber was intended as a meditation on innocence.  And as I felt inclined to move from a focus on white fiber to explore the range of available colors of fiber, it seemed to me that the freedom to choose from among many options — to feel empowered to move beyond a fixed place — mirrors healing.   Crafting the Rose pins is a slow process, of selecting and preparing and placing and carefully attending to the process.  In taking time and paying attention, something beautiful may be created from bits and pieces.  How do we help others heal when well-being and trust are shattered?   I think we take time, and pay attention, with the intention of helping to nurture something beautiful from torn-apart pieces.

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