I live in central Pennsylvania, within walking distance of Penn State University’s Beaver Stadium.  Our community has been rocked by the Sandusky scandal.    Yesterday I tried to work in the studio, but couldn’t bring any focus to my work.  Today, as I’ve returned to the studio, I am thinking about “speaking truth to power.”  As we interact with those around us: our family and friends, our colleagues and neighbors, our community, and in the larger world — how do we nurture this courage and discernment, in our selves and in others, to know and to act when it is appropriate to speak truth to power?

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  1. I, too, live in close proximity to Penn State University – the largest institution and employer in central Pennsylvania. A deep sense of tragedy is everywhere among the townspeople I know – but I can’t begin to speak for the students. All conversations seem to loop back around to who and what could have/should have/how could this have happened at all, not to mention for so long, with so many people who knew?

    As of now, my creative energies are unable to move above the inner and outer chaos. Watching powerful dominoes fall, one after another, is unsettling but needed. I have to ask myself why haven’t the church leaders, bankers, or the politicians been as quick and heavy handed when confronted with obvious law breaking by their membership?

    If we are the people, we’d better renew our sense of pride in our work, our families, our churches, businesses, government and country. We must work together to encourage one another to do what is morally right. Our is supposed to be a government for the people, by the people and of the people.

    Let’s get working, people! Let’s find truth and justice in ourselves and then find & encourage it in others so we make work together towards the greater good of all.

    • Thank you for this comment, Pat!
      I’m hoping that tonight’s candlelight vigil, 9:30 at Old Main, will help students and others honor the children who have been victimized, and to affirm integrity, truth and responsible behavior. — Ann

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