Organizing the Studio

Baskets of work-in-progress and baskets of completed work.  Bits of fiber sorted by color/type and tucked back into stash bags.  Small balls of hand-spun yarns carefully nestled into a bag marked “Rhapsody Rose” for days when I feel like making a patch of felted corsage pins but do not feel like carding/spinning yarn as a prelude.  One bag stuffed with a riot of colorful fibers that I’ll card for spinning into yarn for a “Black/White” series —  I just need to add the black and the white.  Bubble wrap and screens and plastic mats rolled and waiting.

A morning spent organizing leaves me feeling tired — and grateful for the abundance of supplies in my studio — and eager to work.

I was thinking yesterday about all of the things I long to DO, as I got through a busy day, going from one thing to another.  I felt harried; and conscious that I wanted to be calm, not overwhelmed.  With a shift in focus, re-orienting my thoughts toward what I wished to BE rather than what I needed to DO,  I felt my breathing deepen.  My whole body kind of sighed with relief.

I still have a lot to do around here.  Some of it will get done today.  I know that if I could live for a thousand years, I’d want two thousand.  I’d have more time then, but the essential challenge would be the same.  So time is not the problem.

For today: try to switch my “to do” list for a “to be” list.

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