In the Felting Studio Today: Storm Warning

This photo, taken a few days ago after the piles of leaves raked along the curbs had been collected, shows the tulip poplars that line my street.  In every season they are messy trees.  If these trees were people they would be very messy teenagers (I love teenagers, but most of them have not mastered “cause and effect”):  tulip poplars deposit large, sticky, green, cream and orange tulip-like flowers in the spring; twist-your-ankle seed cones with pointy needle-like cores in the summer; thick, heavy leaves in the fall; and large branches with every wind event.  And yet, for a few days in the fall, when the golden leaves are mostly still on the trees and enough leaves have fallen to line the curbs and the afternoon sun shines along the street, I can understand why someone planted so many of them on our block.  The profusion of radiant, translucent yellow is like a symphony for the eyes.  And yet, since everything in life is a trade-off, the symphony comes at a price: we are expecting a heavy, wet snow tomorrow.  Wet snow on branches still laden with leaves is scary when you live in a neighborhood graced with giant old trees.   We hope for the best, for our neighborhood and for the tulip poplars.

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