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In the studio today, I’ve been working on a new series, “Crystal Torque,” inspired by this summer’s trips to Ireland, and by two gifts: opalescent glass buttons from our daughter, Lizzie; and a beautiful crystal from another dear friend.

I’ve covered a work table with three layers of fiber: a bottom layer of dyed merino and on top of this two layers of different shades of natural-colored merino, yak, alpaca and camel.

Then I carded and spun a rainbow of merino wool and silk colors into yarn; and deconstructed this yarn, to form spiral “torque” shapes as a design layer.  (I thought of the complaint some artists have about having their work copied, and thought to myself “if anyone ELSE is passionate enough to take this sort of time and patience with their work, and aims to copy my process, I would advise them to GO FOR IT! — and improve on it, and please, then, come teach me…”) As I work, the weather changes from misty rain to glimpses of sunshine, and the sky has had the shimmering promise of a rainbow: rainbows in the buttons, rainbows in the crystal, rainbows in the sky, rainbows through my fingers, rainbows up and down my spine and all around.

I would love for my work to offer the visceral pleasure of a rainbow: soft and powerful.  I would love for my work to evoke even a hint of a reminder of our kinship with what is beautiful and hopeful — as in prayer we ask to be “brushed with the wind of the wings of Thy Being.”

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