Lost & Found

At work in the studio this evening, I felt as if I had lost the trail.  I reminded myself that when one is lost it’s a good idea to stay still rather than wander even farther away from where one is wanting to go.

I looked at the colors in my work: like fragments of a rainbow, the colors did not make sense — but I was reminded of the colors in a gift from my daughter, colors shimmering in a handful of iridescent glass buttons she’d sent me last year.

Without much thought I picked up the buttons from the mirrored surface where I keep them in the studio — next to a similar-sized handful of small gray stones I had collected this summer in Ireland.   I carried the buttons to the work I had just completed that was drying on a rack, and sure enough the colors matched.  When I returned the buttons to the mirrored tray, I instinctively picked up a beautiful crystal I keep near the buttons.  The crystal is an element of a sculptural form made for me by a friend.  Along with the very intricate crystal (that has additional crystals embedded in it…) the form contains two very different hawk feathers and a beautiful base of weathered wood.   When I held the crystal in the light, I saw the exact same colors shimmering inside it that were in the felted work I had completed, and that were in the buttons I had just held.

My sense of having been lost was replaced with a feeling of familiarity, but not a feeling of ease.  I may have found the trail again, but that’s just the beginning.

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