Kashmiri Felted Scarves: Merino, Silk, Cashmere

I use a lot of silk fiber in crafting these very thin, three-layer scarves so they will be light-weight and durable.  The mid-layer contains lots of pure tussah silk and wisps of cashmere (hence the name “Kashmiri”) that form the ruffles.   The Rhapsody Rose Felted Corsage Pin (made from my hand-spun yarn, embellished with silk fabric strips, curly wool locks, vintage buttons/beading and Swarovski crystals) allows the scarf to be worn in many different ways.  Fun to create and fun to wear, too!   Starting sometime in October my work will be available at Contempo Artisan Boutique in Boalsburg, PA.   I continue to love being a member of The Gallery Shop in Lemont, PA — where I’ll exhibit my work in November as a featured artist at the shop.   I have written from time to time on this blog about my questioning “to etsy or NOT to etsy.”    For now, the opportunity and the challenge (in terms of studio time!) of creating work for two local shops, and doing commissioned work, and teaching is keeping me motivated and happily busy enough.  And so the “etsy idea” will remain just an idea.

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