“Antidote” Felted Scarf…

…picture to follow, hopefully Friday.

We felters may feel kinship with shoemakers, in hoping that elves will appear in our workshops in the middle of the night and complete our work.   Barefoot elves with soaped-up feet, sliding across the surface design of an intricate scarf, getting those wool fibers, one-by-one, to meander through each other and through silk fabrics.  How many elves, I wonder, would it take to bubble roll an eight foot by ten inch, soaking wet scarf, with fringe and tendrils of hand-spun yarns and ribbons of hand-dyed silk?

Listening to music, enjoying the view out the windows, designing future projects and composing future blog posts in my head, I roll and roll.  I light candles in the studio and set a mug of steaming tea nearby, to keep me company while I roll and roll.  Open the windows to enjoy the sounds of birds, crickets and the hum of a busy college town, rollin’ rollin’ rollin…

I do wish that the scarf-in-progress that waits for me in the studio could felt itself, at least a little, because I have so many sketches and ideas to develop, as well as commissions to complete.   The sages taught us to ask a Higher Power: “Teach me to number my days, that I may attain a heart of wisdom.”  An artist might amend this quote: “Teach me to number my artistic creations, that I may cherish my studio time and appropriately value the work I do.”  Amen.

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