Polka Dot Theory

Why do so many people love polka dots?  We put them on children’s clothing, umbrellas, scarves, ties, skirts.  Somehow, polka dots make us happy.

Because I was an English major, of course I looked up “polka dot”  for this post.  The phrase derives from the popularity of the polka — that “fast dance for couples, developed in Bohemia in the early 19th century.” (New World Dictionary)

An intentional pattern of dots is a design that’s simple to comprehend, energetic, whimsical and upbeat, bold but still contained.  Sort of like the polka dance itself.  Unlike organic patterns that have variety, the standard polka dot is a regular, predictable, all-over dot.  It’s exuberant, but still tamed.  I noted in a fashion article that polka dots are a popular motif for the new season.  Not trendy about fashion myself, my response to learning about a trend is NOT to buy an item in the trend but to wonder why, at this moment in our culture, this particular trend has become popular.

We return to the past to figure out the present, and the present is difficult for so many people.  So we’re drawn, once again, to the whimsical, smile-inducing polka dot.  When the choice is possible, choose happiness.

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