Time Management for Artists: #3

Lots to be done, but at this moment I’m out on the front porch, where chickadees, cardinals (who are being so loud!) and squirrels are stopping by the bird feeder and bath.  The air is filled with bird song.  Little Camilla, our granddaughter, sleeps nearby in her stroller, one arm cuddling a pink poodle Cabbage Patch doll.

Previous generations didn’t call it “mindfulness” or “living in the moment,” those sweet times to sip iced tea in the shade or go for a walk while holding a toddler’s hand or watch a grandchild sleep.  First things first, somehow my to-do list will have to reckon with what is possible.  On days when I remember to be my own best friend, I write a to-do list that is well within the realm of the possible.

The mid-afternoon sun shines through the leaves on the Japanese maple that screens the front porch.  Seen from below, the leaves look apple green, chartreuse, fire orange, rose-tinged, cool purple in some shady places.  The maple seeds are crimson,  jewel-like sculptures, so abundant and so delicate.  How does the slant of sun through leaves offer so many different colors?  What a puzzle, and what a glorious, sun-dazzled inspiration for a nuno scarf!

I don’t know how to manage time or stuff particularly well and I’m not sure how to prioritize my efforts on behalf of a deeply hurting world.  But this moment offers a clue: slow down, breathe, simplify, bring this peace and gratitude along to whatever I do.

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