Time Management Strategy for Artists

I recently wrote a piece about time management, a piece that might be a ballad or perhaps a lament… Today in the studio, I realize that even if one is not consciously aiming at “a strategy” the resulting effort might fit into that category.   So here is my strategy for today:  load up your work tables with fiber just before company is arriving.  (important note: You must be planning to have some of this company sleep in the as-yet-to-be-transformed studio/second guest room space.)   Fill your studio with bits of merino, yak, alpaca, silk, prefelts. On my tables: yardage that will be worked into small cases and table mats.  Finally, those Celtic torque shapes are twirling.

Now the fun part: you must get that work felted and off the work tables in order to tidy up the studio and prepare for your guests.  I am indebted to my house guests for the bounty of work about to be completed. See how motivating this strategy is!

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