Lipstick Red Nuno Felted Scarf

Aiming for something very light-weight, very red; to be worn with black as well as navy, year-round.  I started with Suzanne Morgan’s hand-dyed silk fabric in Lipstick Red, and drew inspiration from the shades of coral, raspberry and slate already present in the richly-colored yardage.   Some touches of yellow here and there will help the scarf work well with gold jewelry and warm colors; wisps of pure white tussah silk will enhance the sparkle of silver jewelry as well as the luster of pearls.  This scarf measures 8″ x 62″ and weighs just an ounce and a half.  Whenever I work on a nuno piece, especially once like this, that takes several studio sessions and in which I create the design by placing wisps of wool and silk in as many as eight different-colored layers of fiber, I am never sure how or even IF it will work.   As it dries I can see how successful the overall piece is: is it structurally well-crafted?  Does the design augment the silk fabric?  Is every area of the piece interesting?  Will it be wonderful and versatile to wear?  Does it have lots of movement and “life”?   While it’s drying I constantly check on it to see how the colors are evolving.  I love taking nuno pieces outdoors for photographing, to see the light through them.  In the studio today I’m gathering fibers for the next nuno pieces, one in shades of blue-green and periwinkle; and another in deep-forest green and earthy browns with copper highlights.  But first I’ll work on some felt yardage with a Celtic spiral design…


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