Lipstick Red and Tasmanian Raspberry

I’m working on a nuno scarf — pictures to follow when it’s done in a few days.

The silk fabric is Suzanne Morgan’s vivid “Lipstick Red” hand-dyed work.  The merino fiber I’m using varies from a luscious Tasmanian Raspberry Red, to a coral and some shades of pink, along with a slate grey merino and shimmering white tussah silk as a kind of whispery dance of light.   When this piece is done, if my work is successful, it will look alive and warm and radiant.

In connecting with the colors on my studio work tables this morning — all of the deeply red tones — I was thinking how in western cultures we associate red with the heart; but in the eastern consideration of the chakra (energy centers of the body) the colors pink and green are heart chakra colors.  A softer way of thinking about the heart: pink.  A sense that the heart is a place of abundance and growth and perhaps cool water: green.

Placing fibers on Suzanne’s amazing silk fabric, I follow the patterns of color so that once the scarf is done there will be rivers and pools of color; hopefully every inch of the nuno scarf will be beautiful, interesting and pleasing.  There’s so much I want to do in my studio right now that I have to remind myself to work slowly.  The silk fibers (they are not barbed) won’t mesh with the silk fabric; these wisps of fiber that undulate with the slightest movement need to be placed on wool fiber (that is barbed).

Waiting in the studio are two more luxurious pieces of Suzanne Morgan’s hand-dyed silk fabric: a blue that I’ll pair with periwinkle merino; and a green that will allow me to meditate on the heart chakra while I place all sorts of green fiber along its contour-like patterns.  In the quiet hours spent working these nuno pieces, rubbing fibers into silk fabric and rolling/throwing to shrink the pieces, I’ll be designing torque pieces in my mind’s eye…

Our new dog, Elsa, seems content with the slow and quiet pace of a studio day; and for sure, I feel content with her presence.

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