Yes, I know this is a blog about fiber arts.   What looks like a lamb and is as sweet as a lamb, but is not a lamb…?

Yes, our family has been rescued, with the arrival of Elsa, a three year-old Labradoodle.  She is settling in, and, as the photo shows, really blending in!

Our daughter and future son-in-law, Lizzie and Josh, along with Josh’s Mother, Nora, had been fostering Elsa.  Lizzie and Josh own and operate “Petiquette Pooch Concierge,” a dog walking/in-home pet care/transportation/dog Bed & Breakfast business in the very dog-friendly neighborhood of South Boston.  Elsa has been lavished with care and affection by Lizzie, Josh and Nora while waiting to be brought to our home; and before being in their care, she was loved by her original owners and their family.  We feel grateful to have Elsa, and so thankful to everyone who helped nurture her sweet nature along the way.

Elsa already seems to love being in my cozy studio, resting on the carpet that matches her curls.  I am looking forward to long studio days together, with Elsa snoozing under the work tables while I felt and resting by my side while I spin, punctuated by brisk walks in the neighborhood.

After travels this summer to Ireland, twice, and to Boston, twice, I am so ready to felt!  And so happy for the studio companionship.



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