One More Ireland Photo

As I was working to finish and label my most recent work for delivery to The Gallery Shop this morning, the colors and textures in the work and on my mind linked to photos I had taken just a few weeks ago at some of the ancient, sacred sites in Ireland.   This one in particular expresses the part of my psyche that is still roaming in Ireland, trying to comprehend the balance of spirit and nature and material world, trying to sense how pagan and more recent religious beliefs harmonize, seeking to express how I feel and what I know in art that will somehow move and nurture others.  Sometimes much that is “good” in the world seems increasingly unsustainable and our efforts seem so futile.  I hope that my slowly handmade one-of-a-kind art works each offer a sort of touchstone, a reminder to others, just as the process of artmaking brings me home and helps me find peace.  The world view, thanks to technology, is increasingly detailed and nuanced; it’s so hard to know what’s right as we become more aware of how our decisions affect others.  I return to who I’ve always been — an artist; to how I hope to live — nurturing others; and what I hope to express — gratitude and reverence for the freedom as well as the trade-offs of a relatively simple life.  What matters?  Every single thing matters, every hope and thought.

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