Making Order

Today is the first day in a long while that I have felt settled and not in motion.  I realized that the traveling this summer, while so sweet, did not allow for much solitude.  And quietly today I’ve made order in the studio: consolidating lists and notes; gathering the work-in-progress and the work-to-be-labeled; putting away fibers and setting out fibers.  Gradually, the life I envision seems possible again and in proportion to the number of hours in a single day; and the hope of keeping promises already made feels possible, too.  I have been exploring the facets of creating an etsy “shop” — but until I catch up on restocking The Gallery Shop and completing commissioned work, the work on the etsy site will be a framework, like installing shelves in a shop or gallery that wait for work to be displayed on them.   Earlier this year I spoke with a friend and mentor who was visiting my studio to learn how to felt, and she said that her goal was to have “a small life.”  This resonated with me.  We can feel when our life is out of proportion with our spirit.  We say we feel “off.”  Or “out of sorts.”  Life can be wonderful, sweet, exciting, successful… and still feel “off.”  Whatever one does to re-discover and reclaim a life that feels just the right “size” — whether meditation, or cooking, running or writing, studio work or a quiet walk with a dog — this is time well spent.  I am grateful for the little oasis of time taken today.  I can’t wait to have my studio humming and blooming with all sorts of fibers and creations in the very near future, but for this moment the quiet order feels divine.

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  1. I so relate to this Ann — I need my “home” time and my routines like walking the dog and listening to my inspirational tapes to stay centered. It seems so fun to go, but I am learning I need to return home soon. I love your writing, I think you have many gifts and writing is one of them!

    • Thank you, Suzanne. Your encouragement means a lot. I’m starting a piece on your “Lipstick”-colored silk fabric, and I just know that all of this RED is going to feel like a tonic!

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