Wild Thing, Raven’s Wing

Cobweb felt, but with enough silk fiber to provide strength.  This wrap is long, almost 70 inches, and about a foot wide, and it weighs a bit over two ounces.

The bottom layer is a mix of silvery white tencel/merino blend; and the top layer is a silver Alpaca and silk top that was hand-painted a color named “Raven’s Wing,” from Spirit Trail Fiberworks.   “Spirit Trail” is a good name for the source of this evocative top that is heavenly to work with: the colors are deep and organic, and remind me of stone (a nod to the spirit of all those Irish hedgerows) as well as the iridescence of a raven’s wings.  I added many different colors of silk fibers in the design, and I took a lot of care and attention as I fulled the piece on a washboard and by throwing it, to keep the edges fine and burnished -looking.  Thank you, Spirit Trail.


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